The Color Purple

I need a four research paper and outline and abstract In ” The Color Purple ”   (novel by Alice Walker )     you have to write about this theme below and you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES I MENTIONED BELOW


As the narrative perspective shifts and develops, so too does Celie’s view of God. When Celie writes her first letter to God, we have a very limited idea of what she means by God. At first, God is an abstract, authoritative, and dependable figure to whom Celie can share herself. White white skin and a white beard, he will be there for Celie as long as she believes in him. When Celie tells Shug that she will stop writing to God because he does not listen, Shug teaches her something highly significant. Shug does not tell her to imagine a black God instead, nor does Shug simply tell Celie to keep believing anyway because God will return in the way she remembers him. Rather, Shug tells Celie to feel loved by God by being herself. Shug explains that one does not find God in a church but through oneself. This perspective challenges the general view of God in their society, as though God is someone who can be visited or expected to come when called–or as though God is some white old man with a white-grey beard. Shug shows her own love for God by loving the things she has been given. She appreciates the world, from her own sexual ecstasies to the color purple she finds in nature.

For Celie, God moves from being a person to being something (not someone) inside Celie, a goodness that inspires. Celie learns that she writes from her own view of the world and that every view must be challenged and not taken for granted. Whatever people may think about God, whether the Bible says it or not, Celie learns to find her own meaning in God. Throughout her written letters, we see her writing, perhaps rewriting, her world and the divinity it expresses. Still, it is not until the end of the novel that she most fully sees what she has been doing all along: creating her own story. One has a certain power and responsibility in creating a world or judging a world that has been created by oneself or someone else


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1  After you have chosen which theme or themes you want to apply to your research paper and have completed your sentence outline ( an outline of the theme from the article or essay you chose), you are to start looking for that theme in the novel or selection and how it is presented or represented..

2  Since your research paper is a literary analysis paper, you will be looking for how your particular theme works in the novel/selection once you begin your paper.  I suggest that you do not attempt to work on the paper until you have a clear and concise understanding of your theme and have read the entire novel/selection.

3  Make sure you mark significant passages in your novel/selection that will help to strengthen your argument.

4  Always introduce your direct quotation, paraphrase and summary. Also make sure you comment afterwards.  By doing this introduction and commentary, your voice will be sure to be heard in the paper.

5  Make sure you remain as objective as possible. Note using the first person “I” in a paper makes it subjective. The second person “you” is not an indefinite pronoun.  A useful pronoun to use is “one” then follow it with “s/he.”  Or make the subject plural and follow it with “they.”

6  The length of your paper should be 4 full pages , the Works Cited page not counting as one of those pages.

7  All pages should be numbered beginning with the first and ending with the Works Cited page.

8  For a paper this length you should have at least 4 sources.  Three of these sources must be critical, from a collection of essays or an article in a refereed journal.  A refereed journal is a journal that specializes in the topic where the paper has been sent to at least three of the author’s peers and then published. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.  You may use it as a means to obtain a clear and precise idea of you topic.  Sometimes Wikipedia will give you a link to a credible source that you may be able to use. You cannot use Smoop, Gradesaver, Enotes, Sparknotes etc.

9  If you do a cover page, MLA dictates that an outline of the paper should follow.  You will be turning all materials into me in a portfolio on the due date. Do not bold, underline or italicize your titles of your papers, and please try to be creative with them.

10 JSTOR, MLA Bibliography, ABELL are just a few of the databases where you can obtain a refereed article.  They are under Literature and Languages via of research port.  They are online databases that you can retrieve from the University Library homepage.





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The Color Purple entails a novel written in 1982 by Alice walker and has been nominated by Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and National Book Award for Fiction. It was later released as a film if the same title. The novel focuses on the life of African-American women in the southern region of the U.S. The discourse will address disruption of traditional gender roles through violence. The novel shifts and develops significantly but Celie developed view of God …

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