The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty

Pick one of theses topic Here are just a few possibilities below.

The paper should be 7-8 pages and it has reliable resources between 5-6. Please make your argumant clear and really intersting Just let you know, I am a high school student.

The death penalty

Gun control

Prison reform

The right to die (several possible topics to do with this)

Fluoride in public water systems

Required universal service

A required year out between high school and college

Hunting or fishing

Gay marriage

Sex education in schools

Contraception made available in schools

Required P.E.

Childhood obesity

Alternative fuel sources (pick just one)

Domestic violence


Organ donation

Driving age (upper or lower)

Cell phones and driving

Seatbelt laws

Motorcycle helmet laws

Steroid use in sports

Stem cell research

Animal testing

Environmental issue (pick one0


Smoking in public places

Illegal immigration

Violence in video games

Homeland security measures

Emergency preparedness

Fast food

Poverty and what could be done about it

What is excessive force?

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