The Difference between System and Process Efficiency

The Difference between System and Process Efficiency

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Details: 8. Distinguish between “process efficiency” and “system efficiency,” and between “process effectiveness” and “system effectiveness” and provide the rationale for the need to reengineer the health management information system design, development, and management process.

10. Define the object-oriented analysis and design approach to systems development. What are the three key mechanisms in OOAD? Describe the “layered” development of software in OOAD and the advantages of its use.

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The Difference between System and Process Efficiency

Enterprises utilize efficiency metrics to measure the operations’ success. As such, process and system efficiency are critical performance metrics, yet most businesses cannot differentiate the two concepts. Often, firms use the two concepts interchangeably despite them having different meanings and affecting separate organizational facets. Process efficiency refers to the output of an entity’s procedures per unit input. This performance metric is based on the amount of products that processes produce from resources. As such, it is a repeatable element of businesses that can improve organizational efficiency if optimized. In contrast, system efficiency………

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