The French Revolution Topic is Sexual Orientation

The French Revolution

Topic is Sexual Orientation

Psychology Research Paper

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double spaced

APA format

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Title Page 2 points

In-Text citation 6 points

Beginning Author Citation

End of sentence author citation

Short Quote

Long Quote

Reference page 2 points


4 + Text for class

Academic Journals Peer reviewed

Primary Text

Edited Books

Internet sources


48 total first section

points for next section)


General Idea of what research will be about

End with at least 5 questions that will be answered by the following sections


5-Sub Sections to Organize Research




Answer Preview……………..

The French revolution which took ten years from 1789 to 1799 was the time when the people of France decided to overthrow the monarchy and took control of the government. The monarchy ruling was divided into three estates that are the clergy, the nobility, and the rest which comprised of lawyers, laborers, merchants and peasants (known as the commoners). The third estate comprised of the highest percentage (at 98%) of the population, though they felt that they were not well represented and was exploited by the other two estates. Financial crisis brought……………..

APA 583 words

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