The modernist assault

part 1: discuss the role of film as an early modern phenomenon.
part 2: define the major styles in modern art and architecture: cubism, futurism, fauvism, nonobjective art, and the international style.
the course is introduction to humanities. the book is “the humanistic tradition. we are on ch 32. please submit original work only. this is not a formal paper, just discussion questions. please provide a clear and readable paper.

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Film is said to be a very powerful driver of education, culture, leisure even propaganda. Contemporary research reveals that film has had a major impact on society as an early modern phenomenon. For instance, in the display of characteristics intrinsic in a given nation, it is able to effectively provide its national audience with a common cultural experience along with a sense of belonging and pride (Waldekranz, 1951). The representational and narrative facets of cinema make it a form or art that is entirely exceptional. Going to the cinema in itself..

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