The nature of man

You may choose your topic from the general area we have been studying—the nature of man, man in his culture, man’s need for governance, or the nature of war. These are found in your Reading the World, Ideas that Matter book by Michael Austin. You must quote and/or paraphrase from at least three of the essays we have read so far.

This will be an argumentative essay, meaning you should have a point of view. I hope you will find the chapters you have read so far in They Say We Say to be helpful in crafting your argument. You may use outside sources in addition to the three from the book, but not instead of. Be sure to cite all quotes and paraphrases and include a works cited.

Length—a minimum of five pages.

This essay will be submitted through

A common problem is citing but not using quotation marks when you use an author’s exact words.

**To the writers. This is English for a Sophomore so nothing will have to be way hard.

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