The Nonfiction Genre

The Nonfiction Genre 300-350 words

Nonfiction is literature that is based on real people and events. Often, the author wants to inform the reader of a specific historical figure or event. Complete the following for this assignment: Contemplate what you have learned about nonfiction literature, and conduct research to answer the questions on this worksheet that is attached. Be sure to use proper citations and references. Write 2–3 paragraphs to answer 1 of the following questions: For the three components of nonfiction literature, what do you think the author’s intentions are for choosing one over another? Is it possible for an author to present his or her work using a combination of these components? Do you think active reading helps to determine the message in nonfiction literature the same way it does in fiction? Why or why not?

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Classification of nonfiction

  1. Persuasive writing; Here the write takes a position on an issue and argues in favor of it or against the other side
  2. Narrative writing; Here, the author writes a true story about an event or a person.

Ways nonfiction differs from fiction

  1. Fiction literature is usually created from imaginary things such as science and mysteries whereas nonfiction are based on facts..

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