The Origin of the Script

The Origin of the Script

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Answer Three Questions From the Discussion Scrolls [not five].

Q.1. Discuss how the Phoenicians and others extracted the alphabet from hieroglyphics [MDW NTR].

Read page 183 and discuss how alphabet were extracted from Kemetic consonantal signs. Identify the Kemetic letters Maiy [water]; beth [house] and ayin [Eye]. Translate these letters into MDW NTR.

Q.2.Identify the differences of hieroglyphic, hieratic and demotic

Read pages 184-5 and briefly discuss.

Q.3. Identify the key consonants and write them in hieroglyphics.

Read page 184 and write in hieroglyphics: Ayin; Beth; and Maiy [repeat the writing].


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Assignment #5

As we all know the alphabet was not created on its own. It was inspired by the ancient hieroglyphics. The alphabet was extracted from the Kemetic consonantal signs, and modified into what we know as our Alphabet today. This was done through closely analyzing the hieroglyphics pictures and symbols, and creating a new vowel or consonant from the sound and appearance of the picture or symbol. They extracted consonantal signs and vowels from the hieroglyphics. This collectively formed todays alphabet.

Hieroglyphics were the origin script of the Kemet. They are comprised of pictures, images, and symbols and developed over time throughout history. Many refer to this form of communication as pictography because of its use of images. The Hieratic and Demotic scripts came about after hieroglyphics. They were introduced by the Ethiopian Dynasty in 700 BCE. The Hieratic script evolved from hieroglyphics as a more fluid type of script. It has a cursive style and utilizes more symbols that hieroglyphics. The Demotic script evolved from the Hieratic script. It is very similar to Hieratic, but appears more fluid-like with clearly defined symbols or letters. Because of this, the Demotic script was the first secular and popular writing system.

There are three main consonants that were identified and used to extract the alphabet. These consonants wereayin (eye), beth (house), and maiy (water).

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