The Problem of Modern City Living

The Problem of Modern City Living

our third discussion assignment involves the conditions of the modern city in the late 1800s. In this assignment you are to become a city dweller in the east cost cities at this time. You are going to describe the conditions of living in the city at this time. You are to read Chapter 5 section on the modern city and the lecture on the modern city and the Baydo essay in the Reader- Birth of Urban America. Finally you are to read: (Links to an external site.) for conditions in the city at this time through the eyes of reformer Jacob Riis. You will use some of this Riis material in your description of life in the east coast city of the late 1800s.

Finally you are going to tell which city problem today do you find to be the # 1 problem of modern city living. You are going to agree or disagree or comment on TWO student choices for this problem.

Enjoy life in the city of the late 1800s and there are obviously many modern city problems to choose from.


Answer Preview……………….

Comparing the living conditions of the city life in the 1800 and that of today, one can spot many changes regarding the problems that face people in the city. However, crime remains to be the problem of modern city living because all through the years since 1800, people in the city have always encountered crime as a problem in the city. Since the colonial times, the US has had an unusual rise of violent crime. In chapter 23 of ‘How the other half lives,’ Jacob Riis……………

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