The Utilitarian Theory

The employees who have been laid off and Weyco® Incorporated have different interests and desires, and the decision made by Weyco to provide employees who smoke with an ultimatum—quit smoking or leave—impacts these two parties very differently. Determine whether any personal rights are in dispute between these two parties. Compare and contrast the ways in which act utilitarians and rule utilitarians might respond to Weyco® Incorporated’s decisions differently.




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Smoking is good perceived by some people as a way of passing time and others view the same as a risk to their health. Given the two opposing points of view to the same, some workplaces have the managers ban smoking at the work premises while others ban smoking all together in the case a company introduces a policy in which the employees would be required to stop smoking or lose their jobs, the policy would be met with different reactions from different factions at the workplace. For instance, there is bound to be act utilitarians and rule utilitarians at the work place and the opinions of these two groups of thinkers is bound to be different as regards to the problem in question 

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