Theology final exam

Theology final exam


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Final Exam

THE 201


Please read the instructions before starting exam.

In your own words, develop a minimum of 170-200 words per question. You may choose three questions. All responses must be in complete sentences and typed.

A deduction of 15 points will be taken if turned later

  1. Give an organized and through description of Jesus’ unique mission to the poor as delineated by Albert Nolan in Jesus Before Christianity. In doing so, state what is the principle suffering of the poor, how sickness was understood, and how forgiveness was mediated by the actions and words of Jesus.
  2. Explain in a comprehensive way what Albert Nolan means by the title of his book Jesus BeforeChristianity. In relationship to this, delineate what is the new interpretative perspective to which he refers in chapter one of his book.
  3. Albert Nolan explains the social, religious, and political climate of Jesus’ world in terms of various movements. Delineate four of the major movements of his day and explain what those movements stood for and how they both relate and contrast with the Jesus movement.
  4. All evidence points to a definitive, though somewhat mysterious turning point in the life of Jesus. What was the incident? What did it indicate religiously and politically? What happened to Jesus and the disciples after it? And what was Jesus solution to his predicament?

Answer Preview…………….

Jesus came for the poor. According to Nolan, the son of God came to the world to save the poor and bring fairness for all. He talks about how Jesus was in the world for the poor and offers examples of how he saved them from suffering. The principle suffering for the poor was the possession by demons, diseases and the lack of food (Nolan, 1985). The stories of how Jesus saved the poor were told by people who witnessed the acts and therefore spread them leading to………………..

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