Theoretically Informed Paper

analyze the roles that visual culture plays in your concentration and/or future professional field. Remember, this is not a descriptive assignment. You need to turn a theoretically informed (that means apply concepts from our readings and viewings), critical eye on your concentration. This assignment urges you to explore the ways in which visual culture in your concentration, for example, supports or challenges existing power structures, limits or expands social, economic, and political autonomy, or reinforces stereotypes and circumscribes discourse.





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Visual culture plays an important role in understanding and describing social values and beliefs based on visual images. The combination of cultural studies and art and history provides a fundamental overview of the history of individuals and societies and helps to create an enduring image of positive motivation and desire to achieve. Visual culture is wide and encompasses different topics such as film study, queer theory, comics, video games, internet, traditional artistic media and any media that has a crucial visual component…

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