Theories of Psychology

Theories of Psychology

You are talking quietly with some friends at a restaurant when all of a sudden a new student at your school, Dave, sits down at your table. Dave immediately starts to tell a loud, funny story to everyone at the table while he gobbles French fries from your plate. Use the following theories to explain or describe aspects of Dave’s behavior:

Reaction formation

Trait theory

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Reciprocal determinism

operant conditioning

drive-reduction theory

incentive theory

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The behavior of Dave can be explained based on several psychological theories. First, reaction formation. According to the theory, negative actions can be exaggerated as a means to compensate for the lacking (Jones & Elcock, 2001). In the case of Dave, the lack of confidence may have led to him overexpressing his speech. However, according to the trait theory, the loud talking is an innate behavior of his. However, the fact that Dave came and interrupted the conversation seem he was seeking to actualize himself by socializing with others as the self-actualization theorists would propose.,….

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