Across the world, women and girls are valued less than men and, therefore, experience far more violence

there are two essays questions. choose the second one. more construction below. 2-3 pages.

on the constructions, there are two questions and you can write about one of them ONLY. the second question is easier because it is asking about a story on the book. and one of the stories about ( job and family challenge with mothers and family member) you can write about (the job and family challenge) without using any sources. quality required , no grammar mistakes. Feel free to ask me for more details. thank you inadvance

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it is more likely about ( job and family challenge with mothers and family member. Basically discrimination in terms of jobs for women or mothers.

Essay Questions Answer any ONE of these two questions in form of an essay (At least 4 pages excluding the title page). Use examples and quotations from the book as well as relevant class materials to support your answers.

Across the world, women and girls are valued less than men and, therefore, experience far more violence, more neglect, worse health care and fewer opportunities compared to men. Through story-telling the book attempts to help us see and recognize the variety of ways in which women and girls experience different forms of oppression. The book is also a call to its readers and the world to act to identify the solutions to women’s oppression, address the challenges of women’s oppression and recognize the benefits of universal women’s empowerment to the society.

Question 1

a) Identify an issue under any of the four themes in the book and explain reasons why you think it needs urgent intervention.

b) Describe how you might use the “starfish parable” (see chapter 2) as a possible approach to addressing the issue you have identified in

c) In your opinion, how have the authors used the “starfish parable” to challenge readers like you to refuse to give in to despair and inaction and to be part of the solution in addressing the needs of the marginalized and in making gender inequality a top global priority?

Question 2

a) Choose a specific story in any of the chapters in the book that demonstrate women’s oppression and explain ways in which the story illuminates oppression of women and girls

b) Giving specific examples, explain what efforts have been done to turn the stori es of oppression into opportunities for women and girls in specific countries.

c) The book offers perspectives, insights, and optimism of why “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi, See chapter

1). As a reader and a student of Gender and Women’s Studies, explain why you think the oppression of women who hold up half the sky is one of the great humanitarian challenges of our time.

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here you go, choose the second because it is easier


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