Do you think that Adam Smith would approve of Gekko’s philosophy?

Is Greed Good?

For those of you unfamiliar with Gordon Gekko, he is one of the central characters in Oliver Stone’s film Wall Street.  Stone made a sequel in 2010, once again featuring Gekko, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, but he dumped, wisely or not, Charlie Sheen.   Check out this clip of Gekko at work in the first film, talking about greed.


Do you think that Adam Smith would approve of Gekko’s philosophy?  Is “the pursuit of self interest” the same as “greed”?  Why/Why not?  Is greed, in all its forms, good?

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  Greed is good. This statement would be disputed by many especially those who employ the sociological perspective to life. However, Adam Smith, a renowned British philosopher; and Gordon Gekko, a sequel Wall Street stock trader would beg to differ from the sociological perspective. This is mainly because they brought about a different perspective of greed.

        To Adam and Smith, greed was a sense of motivation for people to achieve and push themselves to the epitome of perfection. In Smith’s book the wealth of Nations, he clearly stipulates that nations engaged in activities that looked out for the well..

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