Time management paper

  1. Time management paper. Please go to the following URL,http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/naps/ , read, print off, and type a one page response about this article. Answer the following questions:
  1. How relevant is sleep to your PERSONAL Lifestyle?
  2. Are you getting enough?
  3. Draw a pie graph of a typical day in your life include all the time spent on each construct i.e. Sleep, eating, class time etc.,
  4. What overall information did you learn that may positively influence your use of time management?

For more clarification of this paper please see your lab instructor. 


  1. Choose up to two (2) of the following people to interview. Each paper should be at least two (2) pages, typed and double-spaced. 

    1. A health care professional (physician, nurse, nutritionist, personal trainer, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc) – should focus on what they like or dislike about their job, how and why they started doing what they do, a description of their typical day, etc.
    2. An older adult (65+ years of age) – should focus on health care and insurance issues that are important to them him/her
    3. A cancer survivor – should focus on their experience, emotions, diagnosis, and treatment. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT HE/SHE IS IN REMISSION!

Preview of the answer..

Sleep is very important to my personal lifestyle, because of the things that I have set to achieve at the end of each day. First, there is school, whereby I need to be very alert and gain the best out of my lectures. When I get enough sleep I am able to achieve this. School time takes most of time during the day. Secondly, I have set some time aside for a sport activity, at least three times a week, between Monday and Saturday…

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