Titanic Movie

1) Notes: Please do not use complicated words or hard because am not native for the language

2) Introduction:-
identify your cultural artefact (subject) and explain it’s transitional status.

A)detailed description (what is it) differed cultural context.
B)Research speculation (what makes it popular ?) , (Will it remain popular?) and (How it might be adapted?).
C)Discussion of the implications (How? and What?), (What does it tell us about transitional culture?) and (about the future?)

5) Additional notes from the teacher:-
*As the instructor mentioned that we should include these things in the essay
The purpose of this project is to explore the nature of popularity by examining a transnational flow of pop culture–a situation that requires the negotiation of different values, assumptions and tastes. What makes a popular artifact from one culture “cross over” to other cultures? What makes the artifact popular in the first place? Why are people drawn to artifacts from certain countries? Why do people seek alternatives from other cultures? What ideological, social, cultural, political, economic, and/or historical factors affect the popularity of an artifact in different countries? What makes one artifact internationally appealing while other artifacts from the same country do not gain the same kind of popularity? How does the success of one artifact open the door for other artifacts from the same country?

Write a feature magazine article that analyzes a transnational cultural artifact: a song, music video, user-created video, movie, blog, book, fashion style, celebrity, etc. In preparation for this project, explore the criteria that help explain what makes a cultural artifact popular in one context and consider how the same criteria may or may not apply to another context. Then, identify a pop culture artifact. It may be something that has crossed over the national boundary or one that you think has the potential of becoming a transnational phenomenon. Alternatively, you can choose an artifact that has no hope of becoming accepted beyond its original cultural context. Once you have identified your artifact, explore the literature to find out what has been said about the artifact and its reception–both within its original cultural context and in other countries. The literature may include various media, including newspaper and magazine articles as well as blogs, parodies, comments on interactive websites. You may even find articles about the artifact in academic journals. Then, using the sources you have identified as well as your own analysis of the artifact, write an article that describes the artifact and explains why it has become the international success that it has, why it has the potential for such success, or why it has no hope of becoming one. You may also consider how the artifact has been and can be adapted to audiences in different locale. Based on your analysis, also consider its implications for transnational pop culture as a whole, for other pop culture artifacts from similar cultural contexts, or for the future of the artifact that you have examined.

Learning Objectives
Through this project, you will learn to:

● Use discussion with peers to explore and develop ideas
● Synthesize ideas and information from multiple sources
● Engage in research in multiple venues, such as the library and internet resources
● Explore an idea from multiple dimensions
● Analyze an artifact (object, concept) by developing or exploring criteria
● Present your ideas and analyses
● Consider the implications of your analysis

For this project, your audience will be readers of an entertainment magazine. You could choose a publication that is specific to the type of pop culture artifact you are examining (e.g., movies, video games, or music). You could write for a pop culture magazine in general that cuts across different kinds of artifacts. You might choose a magazine or publication that is specific to the particular culture where your artifact originated. Or, you can write for an age-specific magazine, such as a publication that targets college-age readers.

Your readers could include music lovers, movie buffs, or video game fanatics. Or, they might be members of a mass audience who are curious about, interested in, or surprised by the shift in today’s pop culture scene.

The Genre of the Feature Magazine Article

There are several specific steps you should take to complete the final written copy of this feature magazine article. First, create an opening to identify your chosen cultural artifact and to explain its transnational status. Next, provide a detailed description of the artifact and how it has been received in different cultural contexts. Then, write an analysis of what makes the artifact popular (currently or potentially) or not so popular. You may follow with a discussion of how it may be adapted (if applicable). Finally, include a discussion of the implications–what the artifact says about transnational pop culture in general or about pop culture from similar cultural contexts, or about the future of the artifact under consideration.





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Titanic movie is arguably one of the greatest icons of popular culture in the contemporary society. This 1997 epic romantic disaster film is a fictionalized account of the sinking of RMS Titanic, a British passenger liner that sank on its maiden voyage on 15th April 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg killing at least 1500 people, making it one of the deadliest maritime disasters in modern history. The two important characters in the movie are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, two individuals of two different social classes that inevitably fall in love aboard the ship during the ill fated voyage. The movie was written, co-edited, co-produced, …

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