TMA 01: Professional and academic skills audit

The early years: developing practice

TMA 01 has four components:
An evaluation grid and reflection of your professional skills. (300 words)
An evaluation grid and reflection of your academic skills. (300 words)
Questions that ask you to consider how you plan to develop your academic and professional skills. (900 words)
A grid asking you to self-check your work.

Learning Outcomes which must be covered are:
1. The key areas of theory and research, underpinning early years practice
2.draw on a variety of learning strategies and resources (including reading, note-taking, formulating questions and ICT) to support reflection and analysis in their writing
3.reflect on the learning process, personal progress and personal experience and practice, identifying strengths and weaknesses and applying this reflection to practical issues
4.use the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin effective practice to plan, design, implement, monitor and assess activities and experiences that support children’s development and learning
5.use ICT and new technologies to enhance children’s development and learning.
Use headings to signal new sections or topics. Write in full, clear sentences, as these will help the reader enormously. Short sentences tend to convey meaning more clearly than long, complicated sentences. Bullet points should not be overused, although they can be useful for listing and summarizing ideas.
Arial or Times New Roman and a readable font size Your writing should be spaced 1.5 or double-spaced, and you should allow margins of 2.5 cm (1 inch)





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For a person to effectively perform duties related to children development, he or she is required to have effective professional and academic skills. Besides these skills, an individual is also required to some social skills which enable him or her to relate well with others at the workplace (Moyles, 2006). For instance, cultural understanding skill is an important skill in today’s corporate world as people usually work with many people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Without cultural understanding and sensitivity, an individual will find it difficult relating well with both clients and colleagues, something that might hinder him or her from performing his duties. At the same time, some professional skills such as team …

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