Today’s America.

Today’s America.

Due Date: March 4, 2019 (hard copy)


Each chapter of The Souls of Black Folk (1903) tells a different story about DuBois’s life or his knowledge of the history of African Americans in the U.S. In Chapter 1, DuBois introduces the concept of “double-consciousness” and “veil” (DuBois, 2). His theory about the double-consciousness of African Americans is one of his most famous contributions to sociology. Defined the veil is a symbol of blacks being displaced from society by the color of their skin. It is something that they are born with and must embody for the rest of their lives. The veil will never come down and cannot be changed. For DuBois, however, the veil is a blessing because it allows African Americans to have an insight into the world and society that other people do not have the ability to do. It gives them an opportunity to reflect on themselves and society, at the same time. He describes it as “looking at one’s self through the eyes of others” (DuBois, 2). This means that when the African American reflects on himself, he must not judge himself based on his own opinions, but must also consider the stigmas that others force upon him. The African American, thus, has two personalities or double consciousness. He is an American, yet he is black and it is his skin color that affects him most within society. The African American accepts his fate and his role within society and will not change himself to truly fit the mold of the WASP culture.



  1. The Veil is a metaphor that describes the separation blacks and whites; regardless of its thin and porous nature it still separates society (Ritzer, 2013 p. 67).
  2. Double consciousness is the socio-psychological effects of the veil; the feeling that a black person has the feeling of being split into two-having two forms of consciousness (Ritzer, 2013 p. 68).

Paper Instructions

For this paper you are to utilize DuBois’ concepts: double consciousness and the veil as it relates to the status and challenges Blacks, Hispanics, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc. or men/women or both (racial-gender) face in America. In other words, this paper is asking you to critically examine racial issues, gender, or racial-gender issues in America today.


Remember, if it is not yours, you are to give the original authors credit. This paper should be 2-3 pages in length which excludes the cover page. Please PROOFREAD your work before submission!!! Further discussion will take place after lecture (3/4/19).

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