Topic Selection

Topic Selection


The first step of the writing process in this course is to select a topic for your Final Argument Paper, which is due in Week 5. Topic selection is a foundation for the rest of the assignments in this course, and each assignment builds upon the previous week’s assignment. This week, you select a topic, determine your position and reasons for that position, draft a thesis statement, and identify the main components of an argument. In Week 2, you have the opportunity to further revise your thesis to ensure that it serves as a solid foundation for your argument.

Review the Discipline Specific Resources for Rhetoric and Research.

Complete the Topic Selection Worksheet – attached

Submit your completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.

pick a good topic


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Select a topic for your Week 5 Final Argument Paper using the following steps:

  • Review the Discipline Specific Resources for Rhetoric and Research.
  • Click on any discipline that interests you.
    • Each page has a description of the importance of rhetoric and research to degree programs and professional careers within that discipline.

The topics for you to choose from are below the “Importance of Rhetoric and Research” ………………..

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