Toulmin Analysis of an Essay

After reviewing the Toulmin Analysis document, closely read the “Sample Persuasive Paper” in the Ashford Writing Center and submit a Toulmin analysis of the paper. Your initial post should make specific references to the sample persuasive paper and break down the argument by distinct segments described in the Toulmin Analysis document (claim, evidence, warrant, etc).

Your initial post must be 200 to 300 words in length,





preview of the answer..

The act of flag burning should not be banned because it is one of the ways that the people use to express their dissatisfaction with the various policies that the government puts forward. It is a form of expression by the citizens.

            It is in the constitution that freedom of speech and expression is a right that all American citizens should enjoy without that right being violated. It is stated that, in the First Amendment to …

338 words APA

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