Trade Secrets Response

Trade Secrets Response

I will need 2 responses to the following 2 discussion board posts. (see attached)

Original prompt from the discussion board – Utilizing the concepts in Chapter 28, post a message that explains, from your perspective, (1) why trade secrets are so important to companies; (2) how they can be protected through the use of restrictive covenants and agreements not to compete; and (3) how companies can protect trade secrets in a global market.

  1. Liuzzo, A. L., & Hughes, R. C. (2019). Essentials of Business Law (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education:
    1. Chapter 28, Intellectual Property;
    2. Chapter 29, Computer Privacy and Speech;
    3. Chapter 30, Social Media and the Law;
    4. Chapter 31, Conducting Business in Cyberspace; and
  2. Matthew 18:21-35 (Legal “Right”)

For the 2 responses – In addition, learners post a minimum of two responses to peer initial responses. The peer response should include additional research that expands upon one of key points noted in your peers initial response. The peer reply should be composed in a professional manner with a word count range of 150-350 words each.

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