Transcultural Nursing Interview

Transcultural Nursing Interview

Hi, thank you for your paper, in the interview, the interviewee’s answers is good. However, according to the grading rubric, you missed the following information:

1. Responses completely indicate genuine interest, courtesy and respect of interviewee and culture of origin and shows evidence that student has done research on the culture of origin. (30 points)

2. Thoroughly responds to comments of interviewee that facilitates further discussion moving from one primary to secondary question for clarification.(30 points)

3. Thoroughly explains what was learned from interview reflecting on: statements made, but not repeating answers; and how information gleaned from interview will impact personal nursing practice when responsible for nursing care of another individual from the interviewee’s culture of origin, and how culture impacts healthcare that interviewee receives. (90 points)

Could you please add the above information in the paper? thank you so much.

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