Treasure Island

Treasure Island

I need someone to write an essay on this prompt about treasure Island and using 10 of the vocab words listed

1. When treasure Island first was published, some readers were alarmed that Long John, the bad guy, gets away in the end without paying any penalty for his moral failures (i.e murder, betrayal, etc). In most literature of that day, Silver would have been hung or at the very least left marooned in the empty treasure pit without any possible rescue. Readers argued that he just didn’t get the “right” ending. After all, should a disingenuous, murdering pirate be able to escape with a portion of the gold and his beloved parrot to an island where he and his wife will live in comfortable peace for the rest of their lives? Does it matter that bad is rewarded? Does the Bible provide any commentary on this topic?

Essay Requirements:

State clear thesis that specifically answers the whole prompt

Include at least 15 integrated quotes as evidence. Cite the pages using MLA in-text citations

Include at least 10 vocab words. Highlight the words

There is a 1000 word minimum for this essay

Vocab Words

1. Bearings

2. Sabre

3. Plodding

4. Coarsely

5. Barrow

6. Squire

7. Absurdly

8. Indomitable

9. Strode

11. Schooner

12. Qualm

13. Melancholy

14. Dreary

15. Warped

16. Stockade

17. Knoll

18. Cognac

19. Sparred

20. Bestowed

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