The U.S. Constitution Compared to British Government

The U.S. Constitution Compared to British Government

In what way was the US Constitution and its ratification both progressive and regressive compared to British government? Was it necessary to create such a strong central government?

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A constitution refers to a code of rules and regulations which are adopted so as to regulate the allocation of functions, roles, duties, and powers among the various offices sand offices of government, and outlines their relationship to the people (Thomas, 2008). While both liberal democracies, the political structure and constitutions of the United States and Britain have many stark differences. The U.S. Constitution is more progressive than that of the British in some respects. At the same time, the American Constitution is regressive compared to the British system in some respects.

First, the American Constitution is codified in written form, unlike the British government which does not a have written codified constitution. Codification makes the law easily accessible and knowable. Second, codification makes the U.S. Constitution difficult to amend. It requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress as well as a three-….

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