U.S. Eyes New Tactic to Press China

U.S. Eyes New Tactic to Press China

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The White House is exploring a new strategy to discourage China from devaluing its currency so as to improve exports. This tactic is part of an ongoing plan to challenge China – the U.S.’s biggest trading partner – without necessarily getting involved in direct confrontations. To balance the aims of challenging China while not breaking relations, the measures employed against China would also apply to other nations. It may be a sign of the softening position on China by Trump as he has not labeled the country a currency manipulator and also recognizes the “One China” policy, contrary to his earlier statements. However, the plan, which may have to be reviewed by cabinet officials, may infringe World Trade Organization rules and other countries may also take similar stances against U.S. exports. China’s currency policies have long been a controversial issue between the two…\

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