Uniformed Active Army

Uniformed Active Army

What role, if any, should the uniformed active military have in responding to acts of terror on American soil? Is this the proper role for the military?

The Bush Administration has relied heavily upon National Guard and military reserve units in protecting the homeland. It is likely—indeed probable—that National Guard units would be used in responding to future acts of terrorism. Given the strains placed upon the National Guard, recommend how the Guard’s functions could be amended or expanded in a way that complements other First Responders. If you believe that no changes are needed, explain your position.

Who coordinates emergency responses in your area? Who should be the coordinating agency? Does it make sense for federal officials to assume control of disparate First Responder organizations in a time of crisis? Why or why not? Your response should be at least 4 paragraphs.

All your references should be in APA style and format.

500 words

refs and cite


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