Union Military Strategy 1864

Union Military Strategy 1864

Assess the Union’s shifting military strategy in 1864 under the leadership of General Grant, and their military successes and failures.

In 1864, Ulysses S. Grant assumed command of the Union Armies, shifting the Union’s military strategy and leading to some key victories. But the Union also faced setbacks in this phase of the war. In this discussion you will discuss the Union’s strategies in 1864 as well as their successes and failures.

Using the readings as evidence, consider the following in a post of at least 250 words:

  • How was the Union military strategy in 1864 successful and unsuccessful in the eastern and western theaters of the war?

Read any posts already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Responses should be written in a respectful, academic manner.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • The conclusions drawn are supported by references to relevant historical facts and events.
  • The analysis of historical facts and events is thoughtful and original.
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