Unit 10 d 1

Unit 10 d 1


It used to be that population resembled a pyramid, with the greatest numbers of people being very young and the smallest numbers being very old. Now; however, we see more of a rectangle as older adults, especially centenarians, become one of the fastest growing segments of the overall population. One of the more interesting discoveries about centenarians is that they tend to be in good health (Boston University School of Medicine, n.d.).

After reviewing one of the centenarian studies and the readings from the text for this unit, explain why centenarian studies are important to understanding aging.


Boston University School of Medicine. (n.d.). Why study centenarians? An overview of the New England Centenarian Study. Retrieved from http://www.bumc.bu.edu/centenarian/overview/


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Understating human development among the oldest population is an area that is gaining significant attention in the recent past. Centenarian studies are findings aiming at individuals who are one hundred years and above. The studies began in the eve of 19th Century and are………………

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