URBS 150 Diversity in my city

URBS 150 Diversity in my city -1pp, typed and double-spaced

The essay will be a statement of personal interpretation of data that reflect measures of residential segregation and diversity. With a tutorial on what residential segregation measures are typically used and how they are defined and interpreted, each student is expected to write a one page essay about the state of residential diversity in a city/zip code for which they are familiar. Racial Diversity in my city – 1p Analysis – key questions will be addressed:  What is the level of diversity where you reside?  What are the dominant groups that reside in your neighborhood?  How might the level of diversity within your neighborhood impact social relations in your city?  How important is diversity? Please explain. Grading Rubric (Each focus is worth 2pt) 1. Quality of Essay – all major points above are covered and the essay is logically linked to the collage in a creative way. 2. Concise – did not use excessive writing and answers giving each question equal or adequate attention. 3. No Grammar or Spelling errors – major problems with sentence structure that make the assignment difficult to read will cause deductions 4. Logical – ideas and concepts are presented in a logical order. 5. On time – If late assignments will automatically have 1 pt deducted and if turned in 1 week after due date, the student will not receive any credit. TOTAL SCORE: Total possible score is 10

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I live in Brooklyn, New York. Majority of people living in this area are white-Americans. However, there are also whites and Asians living in this area. This aspect makes this area to be highly diversified. According to demographic data, two of every black American who lives in New York lives in this area. According to the 2009 census report, whites make up over 54.6% of this area’s population. At the same time, blacks contribute to around 34.2% to the area’s population. Asian Americans on the other hand…

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