Variable Inventory with Constant Production

Variable Inventory with Constant Production

Please read the attached case carefully, Then, answer the below question in a full one page.

Q. Analyze and give some recommendation about ” Increase the amount of inventory using a constant level of production”

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The management of Foldrite Furniture is faced with a potential positive market response to its strategic initiatives through higher demand for most of its products. In spite of the opportunities that this level of demand present to the company, several operational factors showed that its decision regarding production should be aligned with cost and market realities. Also, the need to retain brand reputations and service delivery models are elements of the process that create business dilemmas that require appropriate considerations for the right solutions. In this context, the company needs to increase inventory levels since the forecasts from the sales and marketing units showed that the demand for CloudChair and AlStrong would rise sharply in the coming months……….

 APA 318 words

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