Veteran of Foreign Wars

Veteran of Foreign Wars (Non profit Organization)

  • I recently interviewed non profit agency veteran of foreign wars to learn about the community service they offered for the local community. I leaned that they visit local hospitals to assist veterans in needs of essential items such as shaving items, hygiene items, etc. Also, I learned they offer troop support through their military assistance program. Another area where they assist veterans is by donating food to food banks around the holidays to for the homeless or less fortunate. They visit schools to read to kids, encourage them to stay in school, and the sacrifices America’s service members make to maintain freedom for all of us/
  • Consider the agency setting type and the age population served, roles of social services employed there, education needed to work there, and job opportunities.
  • Include a minimum of 2 academic references and one being a scholarly journal in the writing assignment. Format paper to APA standard
  • Overall paper 3  pages long about what was learned about the organization.
  • refs n cite




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The agency visited was the veterans of wars of the United States.  The organization is a federally chartered corporation that was formed with the main aim of enhancing the rehabilitation of the needy especially the needy widows the orphans and the disabled veterans. Another goal is to promote Americanism by using the aspects of education to promote patriotism as well as other constructivism.  The main goal is to develop constructive services in the …

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