Victimology Discussion

Victimology Discussion

You need to review the Baltimore CeaseFire website and discuss means by which the class can organize and/or participate in Baltimore CeaseFire weekend Aug 3rd-5th.

You will ALSO offer an exhaustive description of who victims of violence are. You can search articles or news stories, reflect on observations, and/or engage in discussion that will enlighten more discussion about victims.

both the CeaseFire ideas and the discussion on victimization. .

450 words
use web sources on the case and cite

Answer Preview…………….

I think the best way to participate in Baltimore Cease Fire on Aug 3rd – 5th is by having four students hold one long poster or billboard on which we will draw pictures of people holding hands as they work, others working together in unity, and people of color holding hand with the whites as they walk together. Besides the drawings, we will write messages on how people…………………….

APA 496 words

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