Violence Doesn’t Belong Here

  1. FROM CHAPTER EIGHT: “Human Development’
  • Violence Doesnt Belong Here

It seems that more and more we are hearing about violence in our schools. Going to school serves very important developmental experiences that are necessary for children to grow up healthy—physically, cognitively, and socially. Given the wake of Sandy Hook Elementary violence and other cited examples, what do you think? How many of you think that violence is more prevalent in schools than it ever has been before? How many of you think that the media and other social institutions are overly publicizing and making these situations more dramatic than necessary? Who thinks that children going to school are more fearful today of terror and violence than previous generations?  Support your impressions with content from three journal articles.


Please answer all of the questions as stated above with in text citations, times new roman style, size 12 font double spaced . due date is SUNDAY JANUARY 10TH, 2016 AT 3 PM EST.



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Teaching today is very different from how it was fifty years ago according to Johnson and Johnson (1995). Previously, disciplinary issues included chewing gum and running in halls. Today, this is no longer the case as transgressions include both verbal and physical violence. In some schools, drug abuse, assault and murder are experienced. This increase in violence has resulted to an increasing pressure for schools to be safe. According to the National League of cities, 33% of member cities recorded an increase in violence between 1993 and 1994. At the same time, there was a 55% increase in..

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