Virtue According to Aristotle

this paper requires you to reason about the material beyond what we discussed in class. Give your reasons for coming to your conclusions. That is, tell me why I should believe that your answer is correct, or at least plausible. Show me a good argument. Aristotle tells us that virtue lies in the mean between extremes, a mean which is both objective and relative to us. What does he mean by this claim? How can we be sure that any particular action is the kind of action which is virtuous? Be sure to explain how to use his concept of “the mean between extremes” to establish the rightness of an action. Also be sure to use a clear and concise example to illustrate how we decide which is the right action. Is Aristotle correct in this presentation of morality? Is it possible to actually implement this theory of virtue? You must use proper formatting for this paper. That is, papers must be double-spaced and use proper paragraphing, punctuation, capitalization, citing, and so forth. Paper must have a thesis statement. I take points off for errors in these areas. Please use either Times New Roman or Cambria for your font, size 12 or 14.

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