Visual Adventure class

I need (5) 1-2 page essays for Visual Adventure due by this friday.  APA style format.  Here are the directions:

You need to choose a DIFFERENT culture and time in history for EACH of these essay questions :


Understanding Art

  1. Explain the main formsof visual art expression of one chosen time in history and how the art contributed to society culturally and historically.  Identify  at least two major artists and interpret how their art contributed culturally and historically to society.  Hint:  Identify the art forms and the dates of your era.


Looking at Art

  1. Examine how an artist may express his or her point of view by explaining the content, concept and styleof art used during another chosen time in history. Analyze the expressive properties of the visual art from this culture and era. Hint: Be sure to include the artist’s name or if a group of artists for your choice of movement/era recognize two major artists.


Living with Art   

  1. Explain how one visual art form has an impact on your daily life. Express how the function of this type of visual art contributes to, and affects your life. Hint: Be personal…state this (art form) has impact on my life because….  This should not be a summary essay but a descriptiveessay.


Appreciating Art 

4.Discuss and explain your personal opinion and philosophy of the importance and value of visual art to you and society.  Formulate your philosophy and express an appreciation for creative visual expression. Hint:  Be personal…….use “I” in your essay…..this is not a summary essay but a descriptive essay.


Try to be specific when answering these essay questions. It is not necessary to include all the different types of art for each chosen culture and time in history. Choose a different time in history then the examples. There are many times to choose from.


For Your Information:

Descriptive Essays – These papers incorporate a conversational, yet formal, writing style.  They’re generally used to combine personal opinions with facts to present the reader’s comprehension to a certain topic. Use the Writing Rubric in Handouts in Campus Web.


Submit your essays in a Word document by email or upload into Coursework-Assignments on Campus Web.


For Essay number (3) it has to coincide with my response and I already did it this week.  I am going to post my response so it can match with the essay please.

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