Volunteer and course reaction

Volunteer and course reaction

Assignment 1


No cover page, abstract, or introduction necessary.

The headings Description and Analysis will divide the two sections of your paper.

The descriptive portion of the paper should be 1-2 pages. In the descriptive portion answer the following:

1.Had you ever done community service before?

  • If “yes,” provide some details of this service.
  • If “no,” then explain why you haven’t done community service before.

2.Briefly describe the organization where you performed service.

  • Provide the name and purpose of the organization
  • This section should not be the bulk of your paper.

3.Briefly describe the service you performed.

  • Provide your title or role and explain what you volunteered to do.
  • This section should not be the bulk of your paper.

4.Briefly describe, if any, difficulties you had in completing your service.

  • Provide the issues you encountered. These might be related to time, family, school, or other conflicting interests.

The analysis part will also be 1-2 pages. In this section answer the following:

1.How do you interpret intellectually what you did in service?

  • Explain the ethical behaviors you performed and what purpose they served.

2.What ethical philosophies best apply to the service you completed?

  • Reflecting on the 4 main ethical philosophies covered this semester, were your actions in line with utilitarianism, virtue ethics, deontology (Kantian ethics), or social contract theory/contractarianism.

3.Did you encounter any ethical dilemmas, and how did you resolve them? For example:

  • Did you experience a violation of your personal beliefs and how did you work around it?
  • Did you witness or engage in unethical behaviors for some end and how did you work around it?

4.Include a reference page. In the analysis section of the paper, the student will need to cite sources when referring to ethical concepts from the readings. A references page is therefore required as well. When citing, use APA formatting. You can learn how to use APA here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. No references or reference page, results in a score of 0.

the work the portion I have completed

Option House


This was not my first-time doing community service. This community service was different for me it felt more personal and relatable. In the past I have taught English nursery rhymes to kids in South Korea. I have spent time playing bingo at a nursing home with the residents, I have also done park clean up and I have made beds at a homeless shelter.

The Option House is a safe place as well as an emergency shelter for kids ages three to seventeen. The Option House helps runaway kids, homeless kids, and disenfranchised kids by giving them a place to call home. When living here a kid is required to do all the things a kid would normally have to do. These Kids have to do chores, have a bed time and they also have to go to school and if they are not in school the have to have a job.

At the Option House I was a volunteer youth care worker. In this position I would schedule a time to come by the house and interact with the kids living there. I helped them with homework, we played sports, video games, board games and we also eat together. Eating together and doing all these activities gave the kids a sense of normalcy. I volunteered at the Option House to be a positive male role model to kids who don’t get the opportunity to see or experience that on a regular basis.

Being able to volunteer at the Option House was harder than getting a government job. I had to pay get my finger prints taken and put on file, fill out a thirty-page application, take a drug test, do an FBI background check, complete interview, and a two-hour orientation. This process took a month and a half to complete. I had to manage my time to have the time to volunteer. Which was difficult trying juggle being a husband, a father of six kids, a full-time student, and completing my community service.


When problems arise as a volunteer, I am mostly hands-off but I do take a utilitarian and deontology approach to situations. For instance, one of the kids went on an excursion which is pretty much going out on their own without adult supervision. When he returned, he had scrapes and bruises and complained of pain in his hand. I spoke with him about what had occurred and assessed the situation. I came to the conclusion that he had been in an altercation and I needed to calm him down and help him with his bruises. He did not want me to report the incident but not reporting it would cost me my volunteer position. I wrote up the incident and called the Option House director to inform her about what happened.



Assignment 2

Students will be responsible for completing a course reaction essay by the end of the semester. For this exercise, the student should think critically about the content presented in the course as a whole. Include in your essay the most and least helpful aspects of the course, and at least one example of how you would implement an aspect of the course into other courses that you might take.

Requirements for course reaction essay:

  • 3 pages in length
  • Double-spaced, 12-point font
  • First person is acceptable for this assignment
  • Must be produced in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format) – no other format will be accepted
  • No cover page is required. Your name and paper title should be listed at the top of each page in a header. Do no manually type this at the top of each page – use the formatting feature in Microsoft Word:

○ Click the Insert tab

○ Click Header

○ Select the first option

○ Type in your name and topic focus

○ Click Close Header

  • Use formatting in Microsoft Word for double-spacing; do not manually double-space your paper
  • Paragraph, narrative format; no lists
  • If you reference specific material from the course, you must provide in-text citations and a reference list
  • Citations and reference must conform to either APA or ASA standards
  • No quotations
  • Proofread carefully: grammar, spelling, mechanics, and citations, will be part of your grade.

Everything the class entailed

Assignment 1 – Introduction
Assignment 2 – Plagiarism, paraphrasing, and quoting
Writing Journal 1 – Potential topics

Assignment 3 – University resources

Assignment 4 – Evaluating sources; reference list ranking
Writing Journal 2 – Final topic

Assignment 5 – Citations and reference lists

Writing Journal 3 – Primary resources

Assignment 6 – Academic reading strategies

Writing Journal 4 – Progress report

Assignment 7 – Notetaking

Assignment 8 – Basic composition; common writing issues
Writing Journal 5 – Outline

Assignment 9 – Proofreading

Assignment 10 – Career services; Strong Interest Inventory
Writing Journal 5 – Rough draft
Assignment 11 – Critical thinking
Thanksgiving – no class. Eat turkey instead.
Assignment 12 – ETS Assessment
Social Issue Essay due

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philosophy  volunteer  Course reaction


I have engaged myself in several community services, though the one that made me acquire much teaching skills was one that I served as a volunteer care worker. The volunteer care work was among the first five works that I had performed after engaging myself in community service. This community service was different for me since it was more personal and relatable. In the past, I have taught English nursery rhymes to kids in South Korea. I have spent time playing………….


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