watch and follow the instruction to write 5 page paper

watch <Toy story> and follow the instruction to write 5 page paper


Internet animation: After broadcast, after narrative How do new technologies offer new opportunities—and limits—for animation? What are the defining aspects of animated Internet humor, and how do current events dictate those? In what ways do these animations help globalize certain constructions of animation and of humor? Or, what is a meme anyway? Select an internet animation (don’t forget to provide the url!) and consider some of these questions of an argumentative, 5-page essay, including a title and a concrete thesis statement. Double-space, using 1’’ margins and a 12-pt. font. This is not a research essay. However, if you use outside sources it is necessary to cite those sources correctly, following a style guide such as the MLA Handbook. As I write on the syllabus, Whenever students take an idea or a passage from another author, they must acknowledge their debt both by using quotation marks where appropriate and by proper referencing with footnotes or citations.

 5-page essay using 1’’ margins and a 12-pt. font
all <toy story> movie works
cite sources
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New Technology on Animated Internet Humor – Outline

Thesis statement: Therefore, despite new technologies offering new opportunities for animation, they also have limits which make it vital to understand the defining aspects of animated internet humor and how the current events dictate them. Moreover, globalization of specific constructions of animations and humor has happened differently due to the production of “Toy Story” leading to the introduction of other animated internet humor such as memes.

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