Watch One of your favorite movies

Watch One of your favorite movies

Watch One of your favorite movies!
TAKE NOTES about your favorite scene, favorite character and the MAIN topic of the scene ( fighting for the Crystal, confession, learning to write, calling off the wedding, Discovering a betrayal) Keep them broad,
Then the 1st part, 1st question
If you were to turn this movie into a musical where would you put two “Types” of song and what would they be?
Types of Songs in Musicals ( yeah – you have seen this before but here is some new information! )The I Want Song ( or I am song ) – My Shot – Hamilton ; Part of Your World – The Little MermaidThe Conditional Love Song – I’ll Know – Guys and DollsComic List Song – La Vie Boheme – RentPlotless Act 2 Opener! – One By One – The Lion King11 O’Clock Number – My favorites – Rose’s Turn from Gypsy She Used To Be Mine – Waitress
SO pick two ,only two .
EXAMPLE So at some point in this play you will see a scene where a character wants one of these things.

You would then talk about the scene, point out is ( in my example) A great place to write and insert an “I Want Song” that replaces the scene.
Why? Then you tell me the name of the character in that scene, tell me ( BRIEFLY) what they were talking about in the scene and why you think that is an ” I Want Song ( OR ANY TYPE OF SONG YOU CHOOSE – This is just an example.
You will be given a program so refer to that for character names.
The only citation you need is referral to the program and your knowledge of these “Types” of songs.
This should be two short paragraphs – one for each scene you are turning into a song.
2. At this time in our lives how does this show specifically fit into American Culture ( big hint – think Marvel, DC )

This is an assignment not a discussion for this module. This assignment covers many of the outcomes for this class. While there is no formal citation requirement you NEED TO USE THE PROGRAM FOR NAMES of The Characters. You need to use this assignment sheet or lecture 5.1 for “Types of Songs’ ALSO if you use the textbook, lectures CITE THEM. It isn’t a requirement I am grading on this assignment but if you use them – cite them.

Requirements: at least 500 words

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Watch One of your favorite movies

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