week 1 DQ marcus

Write a 900 words paper that describes your best idea for improving the
> operation of the criminal justice system, (i.e., improved reentry programs,
> rehabilitation, longer sentencing, more police officers, etc.).
> ·  Explain what steps you would need to take to move your idea from
> suggestion to actual policy, (refer to the policy making steps in your
> readings from (Marion and Oliver).
>  *Include 5-8 references.*
> ·  Format your paper according to APA standards
> Use subtitles well




preview of the answer..

According to Roth (2011), a criminal justice system refers to a set of social and legal institutions that are used to enforce criminal law as per the defined procedural rules. In countries such as the United States, there are separate state, military, and federal systems of criminal justice with each state having separate adults and juveniles systems. The system of criminal justice comprises of many subsystems that include the law enforcement agencies, public defender and prosecution offices, custodial institutions, trial and appellate courts, corrections …

1056 words APA

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