Week 3 Discussion 2 – Demographics and Trends

Demographics and Trends  

Read “Why Marketers Need To Stop Following Trends And Start Advancing Movements“. Local businesses and organizations transitioning to global markets might concern themselves with many conditions occurring in host foreign countries, including trend. The author identified three strategies that marketers should implement in regards to trend.

  • What are the three ideas?
  • Provide an example of a trendy condition in a local or global arena and how you would implement these strategies in a local or global trendy condition.
  • Is the author right to take this approach?

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Preview of the answer..

Leading the charge; Under this idea, firms need to come up with ways through which they will interact with their customers such as using social media.

Looking into the future: To achieve this, firms need to recognize patterns among the various sources and analyzing what they mean. Firms need to identify these aspects through scanning, listening and forecasting

Seeking to advance in terms of culture; This advancement enable firms to understand what is actually going on in the society. This aspect enables firms to consider if the role their brands are playing in the society need alterations or should just..

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