Week 3 Reflective Journal

Week 3 Reflective Journal

As the book explains, “Vincent, Cari, and Duane all lack an understanding of how to be mindful, intentional learners. …they are not headed for success, because they lack a personalized set of study strategies. Each [student] requires skills to turn their internal thoughts (metacognition) into external actions (personalized learning techniques).” For this journal, you will explain what they could have done to be successful and identify personalized learning techniques to be more intentional learners. You will also identify personal learning techniques to help you be a more intentional learner.

To prepare for this journal, return to Chapter 3 and review Sections 3.1 and 3.4, paying careful attention to Tables 3.10-3.12. Then, download the Personal Learning Strategies Journal Reflection templatePreview the document and respond to each section. Save the completed template to your computer and upload it to Waypoint. Be sure to double check that it was properly saved and uploaded successfully.



Answer Preview……………

Personal Learning Strategies. Part 1. One of the strategies which could have been done for him to complete his assignment successfully is the utilization of stage one of metacognition. In this case, he would have taken time to prepare for this assignment, and this would issue him a head start. Afterward, he would have utilized mulling out strategy; this would go together with the connecting step to contrast it to other tasks and projects he had hitherto completed that could have been alike. Also, he should have begun this assignment early enough (Dabbagh & Kitsantas, 2012).  He should have avoided many breaks to prevent time wastage. Vincent could have strengthened technical reasoning by not mulling out for a long time and beginning and completing the assignment. He could have forged his series pattern through testing out every step in the guidelines as he accomplished……………..

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