Introduction to nursing practice Week 5 Discussion

Introduction to nursing practice Week 5 Discussion

Topic: Introduction to nursing practice

Details: Week Five Discussion
1.  Summarize a theory of caring that aligns with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
2.   Provide your rationale for choosing this theory.
3.    Obtain 1 article from a scholarly nursing journal that applies the selected theory to nursing practice.
4.    Summarize the application of the article to nursing practice.
5.   Review the caring behaviors (p. 84-86 in textbook Porter & Perry Fundamentals of Nursing 9th edition)
6.   Identify a caring behavior you consider a personal strength and provide your rationale.
7.   Identify a behavior you consider a weakness/challenge and provide your rationale.
Please used current nursing references and articles for this assignment. Also, used the Porter & Perry textbook please.



Answer Preview………………..

Jean Watson’s theory of human caring aligns with my beliefs on patient management. According to this theory, human beings cannot be separated from self and nature. As such, people cannot be treated as objects. The theoretical framework advocates for the creation of strong of interpersonal relations between caregivers and patients. This is because the centrality human caring in patients’ healing processes. As such, the theory entails altruistic values of love and showing kindness to others, inspiring hope and honor, and helping those in need. I chose this theory because it illustrates that nurses should be the difference in their patients’ lives. The……………….

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