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Sex Offenders

As stated by Ward (2011), sex offenders are categorized according to victim behavior and preference. Examples of sex offenders include the habitual sex offenders and the sexually oriented offenders. In establishing the difference between these two types of sex offenders, Fisher (2010) asserts that habitual sex offenders normally have a prior sex charge that he pleaded guilty. Such offenders are required by law to report to the law officers after a given period. On…

Sexual Offenders and Treatment

The selected article is “Therapeutic Responses of Psychopathic Sexual Offenders: Treatment Attrition, Therapeutic Change, and Long-Term Recidivism” written by Olver and Wong. The article provides an extensive discussion of psychopathic sex offenders including the therapeutic responses. It starts by illustrating the dangers of sexual violence and proceeds to provide the most appropriate treatment that can be used to address the offense by reducing or preventing peoples’ involvement in such behaviors. From the article, Olver and Wong (2009) …

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