week 8 Discussion Question, and Learning journal for CE220

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This is week 8 Discussion Question, and Learning journal for CE220 each 150, 2 references, APA, submit as separate docs. You may have to login into my class

Discussion Question
Allergies and Asthma and Health Assessments
To prepare for this week’s Discussion on allergies and asthma and how they should be treated,
Read pp. 84–94 about Asthma and Allergies and the symptoms and steps to take. Read Chapter 3 and learn about various health assessments and view the Cengage video “Infants and Toddlers: Daily Health Checks” and answer the questions below.
What is an “Asthma Action Plan”? Give examples of activities that can be used in the classroom to help students understand about a classmate who has asthma.
Imagine you need to create a health assessment checklist for your center or school.  Include at least five items you would include on a checklist and share why they are important.
Share three common childhood illnesses or chronic conditions and their characteristics.

Learning Journal

Learning Journal
Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. Please think about the various learning activities you engaged in during this unit. In the Journal tab at the top of the page, write one page summarizing the following:
  • What is important about the maintenance and upkeep of a school or center?
  • What components should be included?




preview of the answer..

As stated by Berger (2008), Asthma Action Plan refers to a set of instructions prepared by a nurse or doctor to help people stay in control of Asthma.  Arranging for sessions that help adult educators to establish or identify children with frequent wheezing as well as those with allergies are good examples of an activity that can help other student understand about their colleague(s) with Asthma. A good health assessment risk should include relevant items such symptoms of the disease in question, treatment options, measures to take, medical procedure, and preventive measures  

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