Week One CIS 348 DQ #1 And DQ #2

DQ #1… *”Project Success Factors” *Please respond to the following:
>    – Evaluate some of the key factors that may impact the success or
>    failure of an IT project. Provide specific examples of each.
>    – From the e-Activity, provide a screen shot of your MS Project resource
>    sheet. Based on your Internet research and use of MS Project to create
> your
>    resource sheet, determine the opportunities that tools such as MS
> Project
>    provide an IT organization. Provide examples with your response
> DQ #2… *Project Management Methodologies and Knowledge Management”
> *Please
> respond to the following:
>    – Knowing the challenges that an IT project may face, suggest at least
>    three advantages of using a defined project management methodology.
> Select
>    what you believe to be the greatest advantage and support why.
>    – Suggest at least two examples of how documenting lessons learned may
>    affect future project management efforts within an organization. Discuss
>    the relationship between the development of best practices and
> optimizing
>    knowledge management within the organization
> 150 words each, 2 references, apa, separate word documents..use subtitles
> if need be




preview of the answer..

Project Management Methodologies and Knowledge Management

Management of IT project describes a systematic process of organizing, planning, and delineating tasks and responsibilities for a successful completion of information technology goals. The success of any IT project depends on the ability of project managers to adhere to the critical project stages that include project initiation, project planning, execution, project control and closure. A major advantage of using a well defined project management methodology is that managers find it extremely easy in establishing ground expectations and rules for the project team. Secondly, the methodology provides a common language to both functional and project …

232 words APA

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