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Write a 1,450 word paper that documents the process of idea to implementation in the following scenario:


The newly elected president has just returned from a trip to England, where he was impressed with the way the English strictly control guns. He wants to do the same in the United   States. You are the president’s advisor.

Which policy model is best suited to explain to the president what will have to occur for this bill to pass? (See assigned readings)
Using the policy-making steps described in the text, develop a strategy for him to follow in getting his policy recommendations accepted as law.
How would it be implemented and evaluated?
Remember Include 5-8 references.


  • Format your paper according to APA standards.
  • Include subtitles in your work
  • ensure quality work and good grammar




preview of the answer..

The United States constitution gives the federal government, local government and state government’s executive mandate to implement policies and laws passed by the legislature. To implement these laws, the president, mayors and governors organize bureaucracy and also make legislative proposals to the legislature besides making proposals on the budget. Executives in some occasions propose changes on the budget so that their policies or initiatives reflect the nation’s budget. The executive is required to implement the law once passed by the legislature …

1611 words APA

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