weekly questions week 6

Weekly Questions:
> Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each
> question must have 150  word count.
> Weekly Question 1: Weaponology
> How can the type of weapon used and the origin of wound patterns assist in
> a psychological profile’s development?
> Weekly Question 2: Victimology
> What is victimology, as related to psychological profiling? Why is
> victimology important in a psychological profile’s development?
> 150 words per question
> submit as different word documents
> use subtitles
> 2 references per question





preview of the answer..

Weaponology is a broad term that covers different weapon styles and history eras. Many people experienced in handling weapons specialize in specific niches such as broadswords or handguns. The current increase in television programs that focus on weapon has made a large number of people to develop a lot of interest in weapons (Fleener, 2009).

431 words APA

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