A well written letter to a cheating ex

A well written letter to a cheating ex

I was with my ex for almost four years. We were in a long distance relationship. He cheated on me with many women and lied about it. In the end, I found out he has a child with one woman and lives with another woman who is now pregnant with his child. The same woman that he is living with lied to me in the past when I found her phone number and contacted her. She claimed she is dating my ex best friend. She played with my emotions and pretended to want to help me and my ex fix our problems knowing she was the other woman. I still have strong feelings for my ex. I told him I forgave him. It has been four months since the breakup. We have been communicating lately. I can tell he still cares about me but is playing hard to get. I don’t know if I am just trying to get closure by wanting to communicate with him or I just want him in my life despite that he is with someone else. It frustrates me because it feels like I am the only one reaching out because he is so prideful. Yet, he still wants me in his life. So, I want you to write a well written letter to him that will make him regret he left me for another woman after all we have been through and how good I was to him.

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Dear Tom,

As I write this letter, I remember the good old memories that I will forever cherish in my heart. Even though I try to forget they remind me of the love I once had, and still cling on the same love every moment of my lifetime — no particular day that goes by, that I do not contemplate of you. Every morning I wait for your text wishing me a lovely day, and at night I expect your long calls, I miss hearing your sweet voice, but all these are like a long gone dream that am not willing to wake up……………….

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