You have been selected to replace Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook for a year

Digital Media and Society

Write an essay answering ONE of the questions below. Your answer should draw extensively on our class readings and discussions, but feel free to refer to other materials you may have come across outside our class. Please use a standard reference style (e.g APA) consistently. Include the question you choose to answer at the beginning of your essay.

Option 1. You have been selected to replace Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook for a year. What changes will you bring to help Facebook come closer to the ideals of cyber optimists and address the concerns of cyberpessimists? Identify at least four significant changes you will bring to Facebook’s operations and discuss each of them in detail.


Option 2. You join a small organization that works for a contentious social cause you care about (e.g. immigration, climate change, advocacy of a minority community, etc.) and are asked to increase its public engagement online. Drawing on your knowledge of digital networks and communities, identify at least two strategies to do so and explain why you think they would work. Then consider how increased public engagement could also bring more online hostility (flaming, trolling) against your members from those who disagree with your cause, and discuss two measures you would take to reduce such hostility.

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